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55bmw cockfighting is considered the most popular game among the house’s famous games. Not only does it meet the needs of time and location, but it also saves effort. Therefore, the cockfighting game wins a lot of sympathy from online players. If you want to play this game well, let’s learn more about this online cockfighting game with 55bmw.

Overview of the online cockfighting 55bmw game

Overview of the online cockfighting Jiliasia game

55bmw cockfighting game is an online cockfighting betting game. Developing technology has allowed the game to emerge strongly as an online phenomenon. One can see cockfights being broadcast live from professional cockfighting arenas. And they all operate legally and openly.

Online cockfighting not only helps players entertain but also earn large amounts of money through betting. Moreover, it also helps them save effort, time and money.

This is an extremely popular betting game in the market. Especially at bookmaker 55bmw. Every day there are hundreds of thousands of visitors to the 55bmw cockfighting section. Just log in to the homepage, gamers can click on the game and experience it. 

The reason 55bmw cockfighting is so popular

Here are the reasons why the cockfighting 55bmw game has great appeal:

Legalize online cockfighting betting

Bookmaker 55bmw has achieved many important achievements and milestones to make all betting activities legal. Including the outstanding 55bmw cockfighting game.

Thanks to that, 55bmw is always considered a leading name in terms of prestige. Ensuring players participate in betting comfortably. Not affected and constrained by the country’s laws. 

Diverse genres and forms of betting 

At the house, players will be provided with many attractive 55bmw cockfighting genres from all over. These include Thomo cockfighting, American cockfighting, Peruvian cockfighting, Philippine cockfighting, etc. And many different lobbies for players to freely choose.

In addition, there are three main and secondary multi-way betting methods such as Wala, Meron and BDD.

Can join at any time

With the live format, players have to wait a while before they can play. Or must there be full conditions and an appointment? Now in 55bmw cockfighting, players can participate at any time. Regardless of the time, there are always bets ready for players to participate immediately.

Easy to experience

At 55bmw cockfighting, players can create an account at the house. Then log in and deposit fully to meet the game betting conditions. 

After choosing the bet level, players can monitor the entire match. If at the end the bettor’s cock wins, he can receive the bonus amount with the corresponding rate. If not, the player still has plenty of time to remove the antlers and win more. It’s a simple and easy way to experience cockfighting.

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The interface is designed logically

The color of the 55bmw cockfighting interface is a pleasant blue tone. Brings a sophisticated feeling to players. The surrounding layout is also logical and suitable for ease of use. New players can still get acquainted right away.

Besides, the broadcast is full HD clear image. Helps players clearly see the scenery and characteristics of fighting cocks in the arena.

Depositing or withdrawing money is quick and easy

Supports a variety of convenient payment methods for players to conduct transactions. It only takes less than 1 minute to quickly deposit or withdraw money. Make sure operations are smooth and stable. 

This is a big advantage of the house when it has a well-functioning trading system. Help players have the best quality experience. 

Absolutely safe and secure

The technical team of 55bmw cockfighting always tries to satisfy customers. Customers’ interests are always protected above all.

Players can rest assured that the house has a high security system. All player information or transactions that take place are kept secure. No leaks at all. Resist the impact of hackers and malware.

Learn 3 ways to bet on 55bmw cockfighting

Learn 3 ways to bet on Jiliasia cockfighting

All 3 forms of betting have their own concepts as follows:

  • Wala: Form of sport betting on the player’s fighting cock to win. Has higher odds than Meron. But the chance of winning again is lower so it is not used often. 
  • Meron: This form is to bet on the house’s fighting cock to win. Usually these chickens have been carefully inspected for quality. Plus the advantage of winning is also higher. Therefore, the odds will be given at a moderate level compared to the player’s side.
  • BDD: This form means betting on a match with a draw result. However, it will have extremely high odds because of its difficulty in reality. In a cockfight, there will be fierce fighting until one side loses or runs away. Most of them win and most of them lose.

Terminology to understand in 55bmw cockfighting

During a cockfight, these terms will always appear. Players should also know these terms to make it easier to consider when placing bets. Terms include:

  • “One incense, one water”: A match is divided into many rounds. People will order an incense stick or an incense stick for each round.
  • “Give chicken water”: This is considered a care step after each round. The fighting cocks will be taken out to rest for about 5 minutes. After being hydrated to recover, return to the field. 

Rules of the 55bmw cockfighting game

Similar to traditional cockfighting, the form of 55bmw online cockfighting is the same. Cocks of equal weight will be paired up to fight in solo format.

Each child will be fitted with a sharp iron tip. Or a sharp knife at the spur to increase damage. To easily distinguish, people will label each chicken with a different color. 

A referee appointed by the organizing committee will supervise the match. First, general rules will be given and posted on the website for players to read carefully. Attached are the separate odds of both chickens. Then the player will bet on the chicken he believes will win. 

If one of the two chickens runs away or falls down unable to fight, the other chicken will win in the end.

The most prominent forms of entertaining 55bmw cockfighting

The most prominent forms of entertaining Jiliasia cockfighting

Cockfighting with iron spurs 55bmw

Round spur cockfighting is also another name for iron spur cockfighting. Its nature is described as fast – compact – quick. Round spurs are shaped like iron nails. Curved and pointed towards the head.

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Each chicken will be equipped with a pair of these spurs capable of causing great damage. Defeat enemies in just a moment.  This form mainly uses American chickens, hybrid chickens, etc. Use feathers as armor to protect vulnerable positions from enemy attacks.

Usually a match will last 10 – 20 minutes. But it only takes 3 to 5 minutes to get results. Most cockfighting spurs are used at the Thomo cockfighting arena.

Knife cockfighting 55bmw

This is a form used a lot in Peruvian and American chicken breeds. Chicken breeds have thick feathers. Unlike iron spurs in cockfighting, knife spurs are like knife blades. Actually, this form will be very dangerous and there will always be a reversal. 

The knife spur is designed to have a flat, sharp blade, it has a bend and is also sharp at the end. Equipping such weapons will help the match go faster. A cockfighting match usually lasts from 5 to 10 minutes. The fastest is sometimes 3 minutes or the longest is up to 20 minutes. 

A chicken wins not only thanks to its ability but also luck. Otherwise, no matter how good your technique is, you will still fail. Just because he was careless and received a fatal blow from his opponent’s knife.  

The secret to becoming a professional 55bmw cockfighting player

Gain more experience

In addition to understanding the rules of online cockfighting, you also need to gain experience. Learn from long-time good players. 

Players must regularly observe online 55bmw cockfighting matches. Analyze the factors of fighting cocks and the odds. Then you will be able to summarize your own experiences. Improve your level for your next bets.

Pay attention to the characteristics of the fighting cock

By observing the screen, players can notice the following characteristics of chickens:

  • Skin color: The neck and head of the fighting cock are bright red, indicating that it is a good chicken. On the contrary, if they are pale in color, it shows poor health. Physical strength remains weak.
  • When the chicken is relaxed after each round but wants to find food or hesitates, it is not ready. On the contrary, participating in battle with hot blood proves to be very brave. Can go to war at any time.
  • The legs are a bit long and lanky, so the kick is less dangerous. Stamina is consumed faster.
  • Choose chickens with dark feather color, beautiful appearance, and agility.
  • You should not choose chickens with loose stools. Most likely it is the chicken being forced to gain weight.

Set limits on play time

Looking at the bet level at 55bmw cockfighting, players can choose the bet level for themselves. Accompanied by a reasonable playing time regime. Players can set a daily playing limit for themselves, for example. 

The core problem is knowing where to stop. This is what every gamer needs. If you lose but still try to unwind and play too much, you will easily lose all your capital. Gamers need to learn to control their emotions and keep a cool head to make decisions.

Consider the element of chance

This is still a betting game that depends on luck and luck. The results can only be predicted at the beginning. Especially when players only observe online. It is difficult to closely examine the characteristics of both fighting cocks. 

Players can rely on historical results or guess according to the luckiest person. This is a good way for those who are new or have no idea yet. 

In general, it still helps players have a foundation for prediction. If you believe in yourself, even if there is bad luck, you should still accept it.


55bmw cockfighting game deserves to be a highly entertaining game. It has many attractive aspects that lead it compared to current online games. Besides, players also receive money if their bet wins. If you visit 55bmw, please come and experience this exciting game.

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